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 If you also want to get e-pan card on pdf mail in few hours online, then how can you do it, if you want to become its agent, then how can you become, what will be the charge, how much commission will be received, you are going to know everything.

What will be the process for making PAN card in one hour?

For this you have to take RNFI ID, then NSDL PAN Card Service will have to be activated in it, then you can apply for new PAN card, you can make PAN card with any of the methods, OTP and Biometric, in this you will not have any There is also no need to upload documents, in this the entire PAN card will be made according to the Aadhaar, in this you will also get the photo which will be on your Aadhar card, secondly you will also get the father's name in it, the signature Bose blank will come, then you can do physical signature in it. Yes, the same signature will be valid, physical PAN card will be delivered at home in 5-7 days, e-pan pdf will come on the mail in an hour, in which the information of Aadhar card has to be given on the basis of document, upload a single document in it. Without uploading the document, PAN card will be made, no document is to be parceled in it.

What is RNFI?

RNFI is primarily a platform for online payment services to provide benefits to retailers, distributors and other users. The platform aims to provide secure online payment solution for B2B partners with multiple rewards with each transaction, this platform provides you with a lot of digital services including PAN card, as well as money withdrawal service. provides.

How to make pan card online with OTP

If your mobile number is linked with Aadhar card, then you can get e-PAN card in one hour by giving one time password (OTP) as well as physical PAN card, you also get father's name in it, photo is also not signed. You will have to do that by yourself when that PAN card comes to you, you can sign your choice in the signature box that will come in the PAN card, this PAN card will be made from NSDL.

How to apply pan card online without otp

If you also want to make a new PAN card in one hour without OTP, then how can you make it, if your Aadhar card is not linked with mobile number, then you can make PAN card with finger print, NSDL will help you to make PAN card. Gives the option of fingerprinting only if you do not have it in the agent account, then first you become an agent, see below for this, then by giving biometrics, you will become a PAN card, this PAN card will be completely Genuval, in this you will have the photo father's name. You will also get to see, and physical PAN card will also be available, the information about how to apply for PAN card is given below.

How to get pan card in 1 hour

To get a PAN card in a dense, follow all the steps given below carefully, in the same way you will also have to make a PAN card.

Step 1: Open your RNFI Retailer ID then click on NSDL PAN then on apply button then you will get to see the below mentioned interface

In PAN Type, select which PAN card you want to get physical or e-PAN, on selecting physical mode, you will get both the PAN cards, one e-pan and the other physical plastic card, on selecting e-pan, only PDF will be available.

In the title select one of Shri SMT Kumari if you are applying for male then select Sri if you are making marriage of married woman then select kumari for SMT virgin

Last Name / Surname, if there is no Surname in the Aadhar card, then enter the last name in the Aadhar card, if there is only one name, then enter it only in the last name, this is because you need to enter the last name as you wish. So first and middle name can be left blank, you cannot keep last name blank, so it is mandatory to give a name in it.

Select Gender and Select wallet mode for payment deducted and click on submit button then you will get it accessed on NSDL website then further work will be done from there payment will be deducted from rnfi wallet

Here some information will be filled, which is empty, fill it here with your aadhar number, date of birth, accept the term condition then click on submit button

"Have you ever been known by any other name?" In this you have to tick on No, then click on Next button.

"Whether Mother is a single parent and you width to apply for PAN by furnishing the name of your mother only?" In I select No, then enter your father's name below, here you have to enter father's name twice, to confirm the second time, then tick the father's name below then click on the Next button.

Here select your source of income, if there is no source then tick on No Income, in Country Code (ISD Code) select India 91, there is no need to enter Area / STD Code, if you want to enter then from here Check, enter your mobile number, enter mail, select the address mode at which address you want to receive the PAN card, select the residence at office or at home and see below

If you have selected RESIDENCE in your address mode, then leave the office address blank, fill only the RESIDENCE address, then click on the Next button

Select the AO Code, for this, select the name of the state below, then the name of the city will open below, click on one of the AO Codes, then all the above AO Code AO Type AO Rang will be auto filled, if you want, you can also enter manually.

Enter the place name from where you are making PAN card, enter the name of your city, then the date will be auto selected, then click on submit button

The filled form will be shown in front of you, you have to check the form, if any mistake remains then click on edit button, if everything is fine then click on confirm button

"OTP Based e-KYC" If mobile number is linked in your Aadhar card then you can select it, if mobile number is not linked or mobile is lost then click on "Biomtric Based e-KYC"

Click on select device and select your finger print machine name after that auto light will be lit in your device

Put your finger, then the message of Saftalapurk will be displayed, then click on the submit button.

Message of "e-KYC Authentication Successfull" will be displayed then click on OK button

OTP Based e Sign or Biometric Based e Sign Click on any one, again you will get option to biometric then submit

This will be seen after the biometric is successful

Then you will get the message of payment success in front of you, then you will get the PAN application number.

To check the history of your PAN card, click on the statement, select the starting and ending date, then submit, a list of all the PANs you have applied will come below.

You can also check the status by clicking on the Check button.

From here you can apply PAN card without OTP without uploading documents and without parceling documents and in an hour the PAN card will be generated on your mail.

How to get RNFI NSDL PAN Card ID

If you are interested to take this ID, then you can contact our team, our number is 9672564095, you can WhatsApp, I have to say that I want to take NSDL PAN ID of RNFI, you will be given this ID at a lower rate than the market

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