Vehicle owner mobile number and address check by plate number

 Many times the question has come in the mind of all of us that will we be able to get information about the owner of the vehicle from the number plate of the vehicle? Yes, now it has become easy to find out the name of the owner of that vehicle from the number of the vehicle. Along with this, you can also find the mobile number, address of its owner and father's name along with the owner's name, through this article we will tell you the importance of the number on the back of the car. We must have read or heard about road accidents many times and many times we must have seen road accidents happening in front of our eyes. Due to which this incident takes place, that person absconded from the spot, in which case the details of the owner of the vehicle are necessary. In such a situation, it is important to remember the vehicle number of the negligent driver so that appropriate action can be taken against him. If you remember the number of that vehicle, then you can easily find out its name with the help of online mobile app. In this way we can get vehicle owner information online by vehicle number. The Motor Vehicle Act clearly states that every vehicle must be registered. Number plate of each vehicle is different, which district and which state the vehicle belongs to, the number plate of the vehicle can be traced. It is very important to have a number plate in every vehicle.

How to find owner name by vehicle no

Do you want to get any vehicle details? Please refer to RTO Vehicle Information... It gives you complete details of any vehicle registered in India. RTO database provides you all the necessary details of any vehicle in a single click. All you have to do is enter the vehicle registration number in the search box shown above. Get instant details like owner name, vehicle name and registration number, registration date, registration authority, vehicle age, vehicle category, fuel type, engine number and chassis number. Some of these details are hidden for security reasons. then follow all the steps given below.

Open a secure browser on your device and open
Click on "Know YOur Vehicle Details" option to check vehicle information

Enter your vehicle number and verify the captcha then click on go button

By doing this, you will get to see the information of your vehicle, some of this data has not been made public, if you want to see something else then follow the steps given below.

Vehicle Owner Contact Number By Vehicle Number

To check the mobile number of the owner from the number of the vehicle, follow the steps given below.

  • Open this link Click Here with a secure browser

  • Enter your Vehicle Number, and Vehicle Chassis Number Last 5 Digit

  • Then click on submit button

  • The mobile number that will be linked with your vehicle will tell

Vehicle Owner mobile number and address Online Check

If you want to know the mobile number of the vehicle owner and his home address, then how can you see, apart from this you can see the full name of the owner, father's name etc.

Open this  Click Here link in your secure browser

Here you will get to see something like this, here application number, chassis number, plate number all three have to be entered together, if you do not have application number and chassis number, then see below for how to know

Enter the plate number of your vehicle in "Registration Number"

"Chassis Number(Last 5 characters)" Enter the chassis number of the vehicle which will be found written on your vehicle on the chassis

Enter the application number of the vehicle in “Application No” which will be found in RC

After entering all the three numbers click on Show Details button

Then you will get to see the name of the owner of the car, father's name, mobile number, address.

Vehicle Chassis Number Check Online

To know the chassis number and engine number, follow the steps given below.

  • Open this Click Here link in a secure browser

  • Select any one of the bike, car, other in Vehicle Type

  • "Registration Number" Enter the plate number of the vehicle

  • Enter "Mobile Number" (to get OTP) then click on send button

  • Enter OTP then Verify Captcha then click on Get Details button

  • Then you will get to see the complete chassis number of the vehicle.

How to find vehicle application number

If you want to get the application number of your vehicle, then follow the steps given below.

  • Open a browser on your device, open this click here link in it

  • Select one of the Application number and Registration number in which you have to select Registration No.

  • Enter your vehicle plate number then enter captcha code

  • After entering plate number and captcha code correctly, click on submit button

  • Then you will get to see the application number below

In this post, I have told you how to get chassis number and application number from vehicle number, now you will not have any problem, in checking vehicle owner's name, father's name, mobile number, home address.

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