How to resize photo and signature for pan card

Through this post, we are going to teach that how you can set the size for photo and signature, here you will get all automatic one in which you have to upload the photo, convert it to the size you will say, then you download it. Take

UTI PAN Card photo and signature size

PAN Application form (Front Page and Back side page ) and Supporting Document(Proof of Identity, Proof of Address, Proof of Date of Birth Proof as provide by applicant) to be scanned in 200 dpi color - file format : PDF, pan form pdf size maximum size upto 2 MB

UTIITSL PAN Card Photo Size : -

photo height width dpi size is given below
Height  = 213 pixel
Width = 213  pixel
Resolution (DPI) = 300 DPI
Photo Maximum size 30 kb
Note : Only Color Photo and plain background with photo allowed selfie photo not accept 

UTIITSL PAN Card Signature Size : -

Signature height width dpi size is given below
Height  = 200pixel
Width = 400 pixel
Resolution (DPI) = 600 DPI
Photo Maximum size 60 kb
Note : Only Black Pen and White background with Signature allowed

NSDL Pan card photo and signature size

3.5 cm x 2.5 cm The applicant is requested to save and print this acknowledgement. 'Individual' applicants should affix two recent color photographs with white background (size 3.5 cm x 2.5 cm) in the space provided in the acknowledgement.

NSDL PAN Card Photo Size -

Photo Accepted format: JPEG, 200 DPI, Color and Dimension Should be 3.5x2.5 cms, Maximum Fize size 50 kb
photo height width dpi size is given below
Height  = 3.5 cm
Width = 2.5 cm
Resolution (DPI) = 200 DPI
Photo Maximum size 50 kb

NSDL PAN Card Signature Size -

Signature Accepted Format: JPEG, 200 DPI, Color and Dimension should be 2X4.5 cms, Max File size 50KB
photo height width dpi size is given below
Height  = 2.0 cm
Width = 4.5 cm
Resolution (DPI) = 200 DPI
Photo Maximum size 50 kb

Automatically photo and signature resize tool online free

From here you have to upload your photo or signature and enter the size in which you want to convert like height and width as well as enter DPI then by clicking on the download button below it will be converted to the same size

UTI Pan Photo Sign Cropping Tools - Vle Club

Uti Pan Photo and Sign Crop Tool. Uti Pan Card Photo and sign Crop online, Photo or sign Croping online for pan card, Photo size- 213 pixel x 213 pixel 300 DPI or Signature size 200 pixel X 400 pixel 600 dpi image Crop tools

NSDL Cropping tool online - Vle Club

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PAN Card - NSDL Photo and Signature size Resizer. PAN Card - NSDL photo size is 3.5cm height x 2.5 cm width, 200 dpi or 276 px height x 197 px width and signature size is 2 cm height x 4.5 cm width or 157 px height x 354 px width, 50kb, 200 DPI Converter and Compressor Tool Online Free Converter and Compressor Tool Online Free 

All Image or pdf to Single PDF Converter Tool Free

If you want to convert any image file to pdf or convert one pdf or more pdf file into a single pdf file, for this you can upload image or pdf file in the box below, you can upload any number of files at once. You can upload it all will be converted into a pdf file

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