Can I check my account number by mobile number?

Can I check my account number by mobile number : Do you also want to check bank account number online, then how can you find out online bank account number,

Often, whenever we forget the account number of any of our banks, then we get a lot of problem, We do not have any information about that account,

In such a situation, it becomes very difficult to check the bank account number.  Today, how can we find you bank account number online and offline, today we are going to talk about thirty articles.

How to check bank account number online and offline, it is actually explained below.

How to get offline bank account number ?

Do you also want to know the bank account number through offline process, then follow the steps given below.

Which mobile number is registered with the bank account of the bank whose account number you want to search,  First find it, then you implement the SIM card with that mobile number in a phone and open the phone's message apps.

When you will open the Sons application of the phone with the registered mobile number, then you have to search by typing the name of your bank in it.

Then you will be displayed Received all message through that bank, then you have to check all message,  In some or the other message you will get to see the bank account number.

If you do not get to see the full bank account number, then you can do one thing like this,  You can contact your bank branch, they will tell you the full bank account number.

To check bank account number, you can check by visiting the physical bank branch,  Second, you can find out by calling the telephone number of that bank branch,  You will get this number by typing your bank name and city name on Google Map and searching.

If you do not get to see the details of the account number from the local bank branch, then you can visit the head office of that bank which is Delhi,  Mumbai, Kolkata are located in the city, and which is the official toll free number of the bank, By calling on him, you can check the account number by telling some of your personal details.

You will get the toll free number of the bank by searching on Google, for this you have to type in Google  The name of your bank will have to be entered by typing the toll free number in the last, then you will be displayed the toll free number, You have to check the website on which the toll free number is displayed,  One should never call on phone no, doing so can lead to fraud.

How to check account number online

To check the account number of any bank, you can follow the steps given below -

If you want to check bank account number from registered mobile number.

You have to install an application in your phone to check the bank/s number.

You can install any application on your mobile phone like Paytm, Phone Pe, Google Pay

If you already have an account on any application from Instagram, then login to it

And under the Pay application, check any such applications in which bank account details are added with that application.

You will find the option of Add New Bank in the Profile section.

He selects his bank name and search, then he will fetch the bank account number from that mobile number and tell you.

In this way you can fund the bank account number.

How to know bank account number from mobile number

To search the account number of any bank from mobile number, follow the steps given below.

Install Phone Pe application to fund bank account number Register / login from the mobile whose bank account number you want to know.

As we have opened the Phone Pe application from the registered mobile number, this mobile number is linked to our bank account.
 Now you have to click on profile icon.

As you click on the Profile button, you will get to see something like this, Then you have to click on add bank account button, to search bank account number

Will show you a mobile number in the top so that you can search the bank account, Which bank is linked above, and the bank whose account number you are searching for, select that bank.

The mobile number you are searching for the bank account number, you have to login to the PhonePe application from the same mobile number.

Like you select the bank name and process it, then you get to see something like this, It was the mobile number with which he had login and the bank he had selected, In that bank, this mobile number is fetching the details of which bank account is linked.

The bank that you had selected, if it is linked to any bank account number in that bank, then you will get to see the details of the bank account.

Here you get to see Bank Name, Bank Account Number, IFSC Code, Branch Name etc.

But you cannot find out the full bank account number from here, If you want full account number then you have to check by going to bank branch.  If you do not have a bank passbook, then you can also get a diary from the bank from the bank.

How to check balance with phone pe

Follow the steps given below to check your bank account balance with PhonePe -

Register mobile to check balance with PhonePe Apps

Click on your profile icon on the top left and right side.

Link the bank whose balance you want to check, link that bank with PhonePe, by clicking on the Add Bank Account button.

As there is already a BOB bank link in our phone pay, so we click on it.

As we click on the name of the bank, we have got to see this in front of us.

To check the balance, you will see a button called Balance Check, click on it.

Like you have to enter the UPI Pin number, if you do not know then you can forget the UPI Pin.

As you enter the PIN number, you get to see the balance of the bank account in front of you.

If you want to transfer this balance to any other bank account So if you click on the Bank / Up Id button in Phone PE, you get to see this button on the home page of Phone PE.

Then you have added the bank details to the bank where you want to send the money, if you want. You can also send payment on anyone's UPI ID, First add the Bank Account / UPI ID.

Then you can send the payment to that bank account by entering the UPI PIN, that balance will be credited to the instant account.

In this way you can fund the bank account number, hope that you have understood everything.

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