Find AO Code By PIN Number || Pan card Area code, AO type, Range code

 Do you also want to search the AO code of your area by pin code number online, how can you do it, along with what is the AO code, we are going to give complete information about how to find the AO code.

What is AO code?

What is PAN AO code, Income tax department has one office open in almost all the cities of India, and each of our office is given an AO code, like bank provide IFSC code to each of its branch similarly ITD department also provide their own AO code. Every city's ITD office is given an AO code.

The AO code is used at the time of applying for a new PAN card. The AO code is to be given by the applicant for his city. Whenever you face any problem in future contact your city ITD. That's why the AO code near your city should be used.

Every applicant does not need to visit the AO office, so he can use the AO code of any city if he wishes. The only condition is that the AO code being used should be valid.

AO Code is a combination of Area Code, AO Type, Range Code and AO Number. Applicants for applying PAN is required to provide the AO Code in their Application. This information can be obtained from the Income Tax Office. Applicants may search their AO Codes on the basis of description wherever provided.

What is AO code and how to search?

You can download pin code of your city to search AO code online. Thereby you can check the AO code details without any problem.

Pan card Area code, AO type, Range code

For this you can check by visiting this link. AO code details of your city.

The range code is determined by the Assessing Officer's jurisdictional range, which is determined by the individual's address. The Income Tax Department assigns the AO code, which can be found on the individual's PAN card. In case of AO code for no income individuals, the PAN card application is filled with no AO Code.

“Assessing Officer” (AO) means the Income-Tax Officer or Assistant Commissioner of Income-Tax or Deputy Commissioner of Income-Tax or Joint Commissioner of Income-Tax or Additional Commissioner of Income-Tax who is authorized by the Board to exercise or perform all or any of the powers and functions conferred on

Find AO Code By PIN Number

Follow the steps given below to find PAN card AO code by pin number online -

Step 1:- Click on this link to search for AO code.

Step 2:- "Enter 6 Digit Pin Code" - Or enter your city pin number. The AO code of the city to be searched.

Step 3:- Select the State Name - OR Select your State Name and I agree to be checked in the box.

Step 4:- Search Now – Pin Code Number and State Name, then tick I agree box and then click on Search Now button.

Step 5:- My AO Number Information - Here in front of you select Pin code and State, which will be valid AO code will be displayed there only.

Step 6:- Using the AO code mentioned here you can schedule the time to apply for a new PAN card. Here your area code, AO type, range code, AO number will all be visible.

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