How to Check Which Number is Linked with Bank Account?

 I suggest you stay updated with the mobile linking with your bank account. To get account activity alerts through SMS, you must keep your mobile number up to date with your bank account. You will receive transaction alerts on your registered mobile phone whenever you make a transaction from your account. If you have many active mobile numbers and aren’t sure which one is associated with your SBI account, verify it online. We will see how to check which number is linked with bank account .

Check mobile number linked to bank account in SBI:

Follow the two procedures below if you don’t know which mobile number is currently linked to your SBI Bank Account. You can sign up for SBI YONO using your net banking username and password. SBI YONO is accessible for both Android and iOS. On SBI YONO, you may view your registered cellphone number for your SBI account.

1) You can access SBI YONO by entering your username and password.

2) After logging in, you have to go to Options and select Settings from the drop-down menu.

3) Now you have to Open Manage Profile from the Settings menu.

4) You can find the current registered cellphone number with the account in the Contact Details section of the next screen.

Steps to check registered mobile number in SBI using net banking:

Your registered mobile number can also be found through SBI net banking, although just the last two digits are visible.

1) First you need to go to and log in to SBI Internet Banking.

2) Select the “My Accounts & Profile” page after logging in. Now open the “Profile” section by clicking on it.

3) There you have to select Personal Details/Mobile from the profile area.

4) Now you can see the last two digits of the registered mobile number in the Mobile number column.

5) So that’s how you may verify which cell phone number is currently associated with your SBI Bank account via the internet. If you want to make a modification, you can do it via net banking.

Link mobile number to bank using ATM:

1) Pay a visit to the ATM vestibule of the bank where you have an account.

2) Insert your ATM-cum-debit card into the ATM’s allocated slot and enter your PIN when the machine prompts you.

3) After that, go to the main menu and choose the ‘Register Mobile Number’ option.

4) Enter your 10-digit mobile number on the ATM keypad.

5) You will receive an OTP after entering the mobile number, which you must enter with the help of the keyboard.

6) To finish the transaction, you need to click confirm.

You are now aware of how to check which number is linked with bank account.

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