Crop and Print JAN Aadhaar Card Online E Card Cutter Go24

How to Crop and Print Jan Aadhar Card PDF, Front Side and Back Side Crop Jan Aadhar Card PDF, Print Jan Aadhar Card in Perfect Size Without Photoshop.

Today we are going to see how to get the Aadhaar card pdf from ecard cutter go24 website, how to crop the front and back side and then print the Aadhaar card pdf in perfect size on paper.

Download jan aadhar card pdf from E mitra website or then crop and print download jan aadhar card pdf from public website without photoshop software.

Crop and Print JAN Aadhaar Card Online E Card Cutter Go24

To crop and print Front and Back Side of JAN Aadhar Card PDF, follow the steps given below -

  • Step 1:- To crop and print JAN Aadhar Card PDF from E Card Cutter Go24 website, visit this link

  • Step 2:- To get Crop JAN Aadhaar, click on the Crop JAN Aadhaar button.

  • Step 3:- Click on Upload icon to select Jan Aadhar Card PDF.

  • Step 4:- After selecting Jan Aadhar card PDF, Crop JAN Aadhar PDF Button.

  • Step 5:- As you click on Crop JAN Aadhar Button, you will get to see your JAN Aadhar card front and back side image.

  • Step 6:- To print JAN Aadhar Card, click on the Print Paper button, if your printer has a paper tab.

  • Step 7:- Print PVC When you want to print JAN Card in PVC ID Card size, then click on PVC Print Button.

  • Step 8:- Download Button This tab is useful when you want to download the cropped front and back side image, share it with someone or save it for the feature or upload it on any website.

  • Step 9:- PDF Delete Button: This is your last click, by clicking on PDF delete button the uploaded PDF will be removed from the server.

Here's how you can crop and print your Aadhaar card PDF. For free, you can crop and print the front side and back side of your Aadhaar card PDF.


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