Bank account holder name search by account number

Today we are going to teach how to check account holder name from bank account number.

When do we need to check bank account holder name,
when we are transferring money to any bank account number,
then we do not know in whose name this bank account number is register.

So in such a situation, before sending money, how can you know in whose name this bank account number is,
So that the money does not go to the wrong account?

From which website and application we can check bank account holder name in real,

Bank Account Owner Name Check By Website ?

If you want to check the bank account owner name from the website, then there is no public option. In today's time from where any person can check, only bank officers can check from the website.

Account Holder Name Check By Apps Online

If you want to verify bank account holder or owner name from mobile apps then which Apps is possible,
With mobile apps you can check bank account owner name in two ways, first of all how can we check you with earlier apps,
If you have an account open in any bank and your mobile number is link to the bank account and you have an ATM card,
So the mobile banking service which is give through your bank in your smart phone. With this you can check the holder name of any person and bank account number.

By what name and how to check this service

This service is not direct available in any mobile banking apps,
but there are some steps that can follow to check the name of holder,
You have to open the app and click on money transfer option,
Enter the account number of the account number whose holder name is to be check and send Rs 1, 2 by entering the IFSC Code,
Then view payment status in the all payment transaction history
And Holder / Owner Name will be Display,
This service is available in Almost All Bank, you can also check by setting.

How to check bank account holder name without mobile banking apps

If you do not have Mobile Banking Id, then with which other apps you can ask, Apart from this,
You can check confirm from Phone Pay and Google Pay, there is no need to transfer money to the account,
You can check for free, you can also check this work from your friend's phone,
For this you have to do one thing, there is no special or personal option in Phone Pay and Google Pay,
To check the bank account holder name,
there fore you have to generate the UPI Id from your bank account number, then you can check from the UPI Id.

How To Generate UPI ID From Bank Account Number For Money Transfer And Holder Name Check

For the above generated reason you have to click on this link

The website will open in front of you, you have to click on the option to generate a bank account.

Then you have to enter your bank account number and fask code and click on generate and copy button.

By doing this, UPI ID will be generate from your bank account number as well as UPI ID will also copied.

Now you have to open one of the apps from Phone Pay and Google Pay and click on the option to transfer money from UPI ID.

And you have to enter your UPI ID and verify it, as soon as you do this you will get to see the name of the bank account holder.

As you verify the above, the name that is register on your bank account is display. In this way you can check your name without transferring money.

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