Bank account number QR Code Generator

 Bank account number QR Code Generator Free Instant Simple

Now you can generate QR Code on your bank account from online bank account number,
You have to generate personal qr code for any bank account, And Receive Payment With Tax Code
Instant In Your Bank Account Direct From Any Pay Application,
Generate your personal qr code for any bank account, and receive payment with qr code from
any Pay application Direct in your bank account,
there will be no need to enter the account number again and again Then generate the qr code once to transfer
or receive money only then without any confusion
Transfer payment, there will be no problem, you will use it once, you will use it again and again.
Mobile Pay account is also not required for this And you can receive money, scan the QR Code, Send payment from any
Pay Apps direct to the bank account.

Why bank account number should generate QR C ode?

We need QR Code to receive payment If your Phone Pe and Google Pay. But if the account is create then you get the QR C ode from the same apps,
If it is the case that you want to receive payment on an account number on which there is no mobile pay account,
If there is no net banking or mobile banking id, then you can Generate QR Code from bank account number,
And by scanning the QR Code, you can transfer money direct to the bank account.

How to generate QR Code from bank account number

To generate the QR Code from the bank account number, you must have the bank account number in which
you have to receive the payment, And IFSC Code to know in which bank and in which branch your account is open
So that money is not deposited in any wrong account, If you have account number and ifsc code available,
correct and confirm then follow the steps given below.

How to create a QR code for my savings account

To generate tax code, follow the steps given below,
Made QR Code simple instant secure with your bank number.

To generate tax code, click on the given link
The dashboard of the website will open in front of you,
from here you can generate the QR Code from the UPI ID and Bank Number, Also, the savings account can be generate by UPI ID.

To generate tax code, click on "I want to generate Bank A/c QR Code".

To generate qr code, enter account holder name, accurate number, ifsc code

Enter Amount (Optional)
In the last there is a box with Amount Optional, if you want to keep the amount fixed on the tax code,
then you can enter the amount here,
Then whenever a person scans the tax code, it will show the same amount which
he entered while generating his tax code,
And that amount will not be edit while making the payment, it is not
necessary to enter this amount, you can do it or leave it blank.

After entering all the details click on generate button

Then you will get to generate the tax code in front of you, then you can view, download, print, share, edit it.

Then you can print this tax code and apply it in your office /shop,
or you can also receive payment by sharing the tax code to someone.

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